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Aims & objectives – Live Healthy Initiative

Aims & Objectives

The Live Health Initiative’s purpose is to develop, conduct, promote and support initiatives that reduce the incidence and progression of preventable, chronic and lifestyle related conditions and conserve the environment. Specifically, cardiovascular disease, stroke, lung diseases, Type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and other conditions which share common behavioral and environmental risk factors and determinants such as poor diet and nutrition, lack of physical activity, smoking, alcohol overconsumption, inadequate sleep, unhygienic environment and psychosocial stress, amongst other things.

To do this, the Foundation will develop, conduct, promote and support activities that:

  • Educate, inform and increase awareness amongst healthcare consumers, healthcare practitioners and public health professionals of the benefits of Live Health Initiative  as a preventative and therapeutic approach to chronic disease and for improved health and well-being.
  • Advance understanding of the interconnectedness of human health and well-being with environmental health and sustainability, health literacy and health equity, social justice and responsibility, whether it be at a personal, community, organizational or government level. 
  • Advance research, in particular, initiatives that effectively translate existing research evidence from knowledge to action, that investigate new or improved approaches to reducing chronic disease and enhancing health and well-being, and that address accessibility, scalability and cost effectiveness.
  • Result in new or improved approaches that operate effectively in the social context of everyday lives to enhance care of patients with multiple and complex chronic conditions and that target the behavioral, environmental and socioeconomic risk factors and determinants of chronic and lifestyle-related conditions.
  • To promote environmental conservation through campaigning and sensitization on  green and clean sources of energy to break the link between fossil fuel ,environment and poor health