LHI efforts include:

Improving nutritional quality of food at food banks and food pantries:
Neighborhood food banks and pantries are an important way that many low-income families can get access to the food they need. So it’s critical that such programs provide access to more nutritious meals.

Improving access to government food programs:
Government food programs, such as food stamps and school nutrition programs, are another important resource for underserved families. We support organizations that are working to decrease barriers to program enrollment and to increase the effectiveness the programs so that eligible families are able to stretch their food budgets to incorporate more fresh, healthy foods.

Supporting screening for hunger and referral to resources:
Live healthy initiatives is beginning to ask patients about their food access needs during doctors’ visits and referring patients who want help to community-based resources. We understand that hunger is a health issue. It contributes to chronic disease when patients consume cheap foods of poor nutrition quality. Furthermore, patients on very tight budgets may forgo medicine so that they can eat. Through screening and referrals, we hope to increase families’ food resources to support their overall health.