Water, Sanitation and Hygiene [WASH]
We promote access to clean and safe water, champion for proper handwashing, advocate for proper sanitary standards and enhance hygiene e.g. menstrual hygiene management (MHM)

Health Education and Advocacy
We educate, inform and increase awareness amongst healthcare consumers and healthcare professionals on the benefits of preventative and therapeutic approaches to lifestyle diseases

Health Research and Policy
We undertake advanced research on healthy living in order to inform behaviour and policy We prioritize evidence based initiatives and recommend innovative, cost-effective and sustainable approaches to promoting healthy lifestyles

Public & Environmental Health
We participate in and promote campaigns that promote environmental health and For example, we highly advocate for clean sources of energy to break the link between fossil fuels, environmental pollution and poor health

Community Health Support
We empower people on safe lifestyle practices; sensitize populations on risk factors of lifestyle diseases; endorse products that effectively reduce or eradicate lifestyle diseases; and organize medical camps for check ups and provide aid to underserved populations